Thank you for considering one of our elite quality American Bully puppies from HoggLineTX. Please follow the links below to see our available XL Bully puppies, or current & upcoming Bully litters. Our puppies are available to ship worldwide (where the breed is not prohibited).  

All xl bully pitbull puppies for sale are cute, however all xl merle pitbull puppies that are for sale are not created the same! We not only breed for the overall XL Bully’s pitbull “look” of the dog, but an easy going temperament, a stable personality, and health & function are what we consider first and foremost in our breeding program. Because many of these traits are genetic/hereditary – we only breed dogs with these desired, quality traits to produce quality puppies for sale that exhibit these characteristics. In our eyes, quality goes beyond just the look of the dog.

The American Bully is a companion breed exhibiting confidence, a zest for life, along with an exuberant willingness to please and bond with their family, thus making the American Bully an excellent family companion. Despite the American Bully’s fierce and powerful appearance their demeanor is gentle. They are great with kids, and extremely friendly with strangers, other dogs, and other animals. Human or dog aggression, extreme shyness, or viciousness is very uncharacteristic of the American Bully and is highly undesirable. 

A Brief History of the American Bully

The American Bully originated in the United States between 1980 and 1990. The Bully (also called AmBullies) was created by  using a foundation of American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers, which were then infused bred to several bulldog-type breeds (American Bulldog, English Bulldog, as well as Mastiff type breeds). The Ambully was created with the purpose of being a family companion dog; yet with an intimidating, muscular, and stocky look. Although it’s purpose is for companionship, many owners have trained their american bully puppies for purposes such as emotional support & Service as well as In hunting. Many bullies also excel in sports such as weight pull, dock diving, and in the show ring. The versaitility of this breed is just as much desired as the overall look. 


The American Bully breed has 4 recognized classes (varieties): The Standard, The Pocket, the XL, and the Classic. Although it is a recognized breed, many still refer to these dogs as XL Pitbulls, Pocket Pits, and Bully Pitbulls. Many breeders and owners have their dogs dual registered in ABKC as American Bullies, but also in UKC as American pitbull Terriers (much like the past when The AKC American Staffordshire Terrier could be dual registered in UKC and/or ADBA as an APBT).