• Rel Money
    We would like to thank Rel Money, business man, manager, and life long friend of Migos with trusting HoggLineTXBullies on his 1st XL merle American Bully, Rambo. Refer to our studs page for more info on Rambo!
  • Quinton AlphaWolf Randall
    Big shot out to returning customer Quinton AlphaWolf Randall former USA Olympian and now professional boxer. We look forward to contiued business with you. Keep rising to the top!
  • Maurkice Pouncey
    Thank you to Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh Steelers Center, for trusting HoggLineTX with providing his new XL merle puppy!
  • Spuf Don
    Big Texas thank you to Spuf Don, Houston rapper and producer, on getting his new family member from HoggLineTX!
  • Jamari Chisholm
    Jamari Chisholm #91 defensive lineman for the Texas Longhorns enjoyed his day here at HoggLineTX. Here he is getting all the love from HLTX VooDoo, Chopper and the puppies.